• DenBob

    That’s great that you included “Wonderful Christmastime.” It is easily the worst song the incredibly talented Paul ever wrote. There is not a thing about it that is good. I also agreed with the insipid Grandma song. It was NEVER funny. I also despise Hippo for Xmas (abbr.) and All I want is my two front teeth — although I love Spike Jones, just not that song. I actually am okay with Transsexual Tribesman Orchestra in all of their 80′s hairness gory glory. They’re like the Boston of Christmas music — dated by ok if you’re in the mood. My list would’ve included that Elton John one that sounds equally as dated and awful as Paul’s song — well, almost. And there’s a horrid Wham Bam George Michael maam song lurking on 93.9 out there every 52 minutes that I can live without and usually do… Good job ole pal :-)

    I can do without The Twelve Minutes of Christmas as well — another good choice

    I didn’t realize Mannheim Steamroller had two N’s — but you would know! They always sound as if there is not an acoustic stringed instrument within 17 miles of any of their material.

    Merry Christmas 364 days early,

  • Pete

    Thanks! After posting a link to this on Facebook, someone pointed out that I “forgot” to include the Bing Crosby/David Bowie version of “Little Drummer Boy.” I don’t think I forgot as much as I repressed the memory.